Greg Hart



Waking up angry and confused brings back the memory of a betrayal Stephen has not begun to process. Has the father he’s known and loved all his life gone mad? A clinical cold madness, driven by soul destroying grief, that has allowed him to harm his only son? Struggling with his emotions Stephen has no idea that his father has ‘leap frogged’ him into a reality where his resilience and adaptability will be tested to the limit. A place where the surface order and calm of society is beginning to show cracks caused by its underlying tensions and unresolved resentments. A place where polarizing genetic ideologies are starting to resurface and social constructs put in place to avoid conflict are starting to slip. Fate is going to place Stephen at their epicentre, where his natural athleticism and the elasticity of youth will be his only weapons.



How do you convert a gift for strategy into a tool for survival and integration into an utterly foreign society? Stephen quickly discovers that providing the answer to this question is vital to his tenuous position in a three hundred year “younger” earth. The political under currents of society are doubly dangerous to Stephen who is not, in the true sense of the word, a native of his new world. Treading the tightrope of “getting ahead” while not attracting the attention of malevolent forces stirring below the civilized veneer of Morak Academy and Recal society becomes ever more difficult. The polarizing genetic ideologies that created Recal society are simmering just below boiling point. Stephen’s discoveries tend to place him squarely in the sights of those bent on changing society to their sinister world view.



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